The safety of your drivers, passengers and the people around them is paramount to every business, especially Mercedes-Benz. That is why so much time and money has been invested in developing some of the safest vehicles in the industry. All Mercedes-Benz vans come with key safety features as standard, including Adaptive ESP, drivers airbags, Active Brake Assist and Crosswind Assist (Vito & Sprinter).

Some of the innovative safety features available on the Mercedes-Benz range are below, for more information, please contact a member of the team.

    > Crosswind Assist

    > Collision Prevention Assist

    > Lane Keeping Assist

    > Blind Spot Assist


Crosswind Assist

Both the Vito and Sprinter come with Crosswind Assist as standard. It uses Adaptive ESP sensor technology to detect instability caused by wind gusts. The system automatically applies the brakes to selected wheels in order to stabilise the vehicle and increase safety for the driver and other road-users.

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Collision Prevention Assist

Collision Prevention Assist is an option available on Vito and Sprinter which acts like an extra pair of eyes on the road. It actively warns the driver if the distance to the vehicle ahead in insufficient, and provides emergency braking support.

A sensor in the front of the vehicle monitors the relative speed and distance to the vehicle in front. It is constantly active from 18-100mph. Stationary obstacles can be registered when driving at up to 45mph.

If the system registers an unsafe following distance, a warning light shows. If the distance continues to decrease rapidly due to the vehicle's high speed or strong acceleration, an intermittent warning tone is also sounded. At the same time, Collision Prevention Assist primes the Braking Assist System.

The system then calculates the ideal braking pressure required to avoid a rear-end collision. If the driver presses the brake pedal with force, BAS pro automatically increases brake pressure - if necessary - to assist in preventing a collision In the case of an emergency braking manoeuvre, ABS prevents the wheels from locking up. The additional braking power provided by BAS pro is removed as soon as the brake pedal is released or there is no lnoger any danger of collision. In addition, the Adaptive Brake Lights activate (depending on the individual situation) to help avoid the risk of a rear end collision.

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Lane Keeping Assist

The optional Lane Keeping Assist available on the Vito and Sprinter is another of the intelligent functions that is alert at all times, which can be crucial on long journeys.

A camera on the inside of the windscreen registers clear lane markings, while the system monitors the driver's actions in order to determine whether a lane change is intentional or not. If not, audio and visual signals warn the driver, reducing the likelihood of accidents due to lapses in attention.

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Blind Spot Assist

The optional Blind Spot Assist function available on Vito and Sprinter models covers the unseen areas around your vehicle. If a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, a red warning triangle lights up on the mirror. If the driver operates the turn signal, the illuminated triangle flashes a warning and a warning tone sounds, helping to prevent a collision.

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The above highlights just some of the latest safety features available from Mercedes-Benz,  for more information on what is available on your model of interest, please contact a member of team, alternatively you can download a copy of the brochure.


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