The Actros


The most important facts in brief

When developing the Actros, Mercedes-Benz called every aspect into question. The result: a significant reduction in fuel consumption. And particularly low total costs thanks to a range of closely coordinated services tailored specifically to the Actros, such as the standard-fit Mercedes-Benz FleetBoard telematics system. All for a single goal: to increase your profitability.

Comfort at a glance.

The Actros offers maximum working comfort with eleven cab variants with a width of 2300mm or 2500mm and an impressive headroom of up to 2.13m. The truck also boasts a comfort suspension seat and climatised suspension seat with a massage function as an option. 



Profitable end-to-end solution.

End-to-end solution for greater economic efficiency. With the Actros, you have the opportunity to exert a positive influence on key cost factors, thereby achieving further significant gains in long-distance yields. Through innovative vehicle technology. And with perfectly coordinated services which help you to even better exploit the tremendous economic potential of the Actros.

Overall Economy.

Every truck incurs costs. Mercedes-Benz trucks provide savings. The overall economy of a truck is determined by many different factors. With the Actros, you can actively and positively influence your costs. With fuel consumption, maintenance and repair or even with acquisition costs. And because the residual value of your truck is almost as important as the original investment, we break the acquisition costs down into investment and residual value.