The new FUSO Canter 

For inner-city distribution, sometimes more than just one type of truck is needed – because there are many different challenges: delivery routes through narrow streets full of parked cars; heavy loads; deployment in difficult off-road terrain; or for particularly low-emission driving in green zones. The new Canter has five weight classes, six wheelbases, three engines, and three cab variants to choose from. It also has sideguide assist, LED headlamps and daytime running lights.

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Advanced Design 

When designing a new Canter, our designers pay close attention to the interaction between the truck and the city – its context.

First impressions matter: we want to achieve harmony between agility and stability; it’s all about precision and every detail is carefully thought out

  • Five weight classes - 3.5t | 6.0t | 6.5t | 7.5t | 8.55t
  • Six Wheelbases - 2,500mm | 2.800mm | 3,400mm | 3,850mm | 4,300mm | 4,750mm*
  • Three Engines - 130PS | 150PS | 175PS
  • Three cab variants - Standard (width: 1.695m) | Comfort (width:1.995m) | Crewcab (width: 1.995m) 
  • Sideguard assist**
  • LED Headlamps ^ 
  • Daytime running lights 


*4x4 wheelbases deviating: 3,415mm | 3,865mm  **Not available on 4x4. Available to order from Q2 2022  ^Available to order from Q1 2022

The new Canter is the only 7.5t truck available with Sideguard Assist as an option.

  • Sideguard Assist detects a range of vehicles, motorbikes or bicycles with the radar unit when turning or changing lanes.
  • When a danger is detected, an alarm lamp on the passenger door pillar turns yellow to alert the driver.
  • The Sideguard Assist detects moving vulnerable road users on the passenger side of the truck through radar sensors.
  • New LED headlights 30% brighter for better visibility.
  • Autolight now integrated 
  • Reinforced rear underrun protection for even better protection in the event of an accident 
  • Seatbelt reminder detects whether seatbelts are in use in various seating positions and gives out increasingly urgent warning signals until the belts are used. 



Advanced Comfort 

  • Improved cab insulation, meaning the new Canter has an impressively low interior noise level 
  • Steplessley adjustable steering wheel 
  • Isringhausen driver comfort seat, available as an option
  • Spacious comfort cab with good all round visibility. 
  • Low entry height and easy cross-cab access. 
  • With the auto light function, the Canter takes over the adjustment of the light for the driver. 
  • Automatic air conditioning and full air conditioning (also available as an option for the crew cab). 
  • The new Canter comes with a new AdBlue tank with a higher capacity. It can be filled at normal petrol stations. 

For more information on the FUSO Canter, and to see if it could be the right fit for your business, please get in touch today. One of our dedicated sales team would be happy to help. 

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