Reliability is everything

At Ciceley Commercials Ltd, we understand how important it is that your customers can rely on you.  Reliability is the key to every business. That is why we want to do everything possible to avoid your van letting you and your customers down. 

If you vehicle has been parked up for several weeks and you want to have the confidence that it won't let you down, why not let us give it a quick check over for you. 

A Visual Health Check takes just 15-minutes and covers a 28-point visual inspection. You will receive a full report, hopefully with a clean bill of health.

There is no charge for our Visual Health Check and if our report does highlight something that may need doing, you are under no obligation to have that work carried out. We just want to provide you with peace of mind that your vehicle is ready for work and ready to get your business moving again. 

You can rely on us to help your customers rely on you.

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