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What can I get from the Fuel Challenger?

What can I get from the Fuel Challenger?

Fuel Challenger gives you the opportunity to run a new Actros tractor unit for a two week period. During this time, our in-house Truck Trainer, Gary McMurray, will utilise the detailed telematics afforded by  FleetBoard, working with drivers to ensure efficiency and performance is maximised.

During this period, we will compare the performance of this vehicle against one of your current fleet, working on the same routes and loads as the Fuel Challenger vehicle. At the end of the challenge, we will analyse the results with you.

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Why the Actros is so efficient.

One of the features is the Predictive Powertrain Control, an innovative system which takes into account the road ahead when changing gear, allowing for any inclines, and in so doing can reduce consumption by as much as a further 5 percent. Alongside the innovative technology on board the new Actros, services tailored to your needs also help to keep overall costs particularly low.

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