The new Actros. The future is here.

The new Actros is here and it is a game changer.

With pioneering innovations, the new Actros increases the safety and efficiency of your business, and overall comfort for your drivers to a previously unattained level. The all-new MirrorCam - a feature that has never been seen before - combined with enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control means you can now expect to see fuel-savings of up to 6%. As well as the cost-saving benefits, the new Actros can offer you unparalled safety with the improved Active Brake Assist 5, which now includes pedestrian recognition.

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MirrorCam. As Standard.

MirrorCam. As Standard.

In place of the conventional rear-view mirror, the new Actros is fitted with the innovative and aerodynamic MirrorCam. This saves fuel and offers hugely improved visability to the rear and in the area of the A-pillar, almost completely removing the driver's blindspot. The MirrorCam also provides added safety during manoeuvring, turning off and lane changing.

Partially automated driving in all speed ranges: the new Active Drive Assist

Partially automated driving in all speed ranges: the new Active Drive Assist

A milestone in truck development and manufacturing is the new Active Drive Assist. The system orients itself according to the markings on the road by means of a camera, and under certain conditions takes over the guidance of the truck. Active Drive Assist can automatically steer, brake and accelerate the vehicle under certain circumstances.

The new Active Brake Assist 5

The fifth generation of the system assists the driver in that, under ideal conditions and within the system's capabilities, it can perform emergency braking when approaching stationary and moving objects, and perform partial or full braking for moving pedestrians, thus mitigating or even preventing accidents entirely.This safety assistance system is unique in terms of its functionality and no other manufacturer provides a system alike.

Save fuel with enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control

Save fuel with enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control

The system integrates a driving style optimised for the route topography into the operation of the automatic transmission and, in conjunction with the precisely coordinated shift strategy, allows fuel savings of up to 5% to be achieved. The new extended functions of Predictive Powertrain Control now enable use of the system's benefits on A and B roads, too. In addition to the satellite-based positioning system and precise 3D maps, Predictive Powertrain Control also uses the Traffic Sign Assist feature.

For Dominik Böpple, CEO of Böpple Automotive GmbH, the innovations of the new Actros increase the competitiveness of his company:

"The new Actros signals a new era of truck construction: more connectivity and greater automation lead to greater efficiency and safety. We've already experienced this in the new Actros: the new MirrorCam, for example, doesn't just improve aerodynamics; it lowers fuel consumption as well. It also facilitates vehicle handling, so that minor damage hardly ever occurs. Times are indeed changing. We as a company have to keep pace. The new Actros has made our fleet absolutely fit for the future."

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