Canter 7.5t / 8.55t - The Workhorse.

If you need to make fewer journeys, or carry more materials per trip but you still need an easy-to-drive, agile truck that’s at home in city streets, the Canter 7.5t delivers a market-leading payload. Developed for congested, urban environments, and with a load bearing capacity of five tonnes, it’s the Canter that lets you carry more.

If you’re looking for even more payload, the Canter 8.55t offers over a tonne extra. This weight lifter gives you all the capability of the 7.5t plus crucial carrying power. Yet the Canter 8.55t is still less than 2.2m wide and highly manoeuvrable, allowing access to zones restricted to the 10t limit.

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    Five Wheelbase Lengths

    Versatility for whichever business you're in.

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    Cab Width

    Spacious 2m wide cab

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    Wide open doors with deep side windows for enhanced lateral visibility compared to most 7.5t trucks

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    Up to 5.01t (combined bodyweight and payload allowance) - that's over 600kg more than most other 7.5t trucks

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    AEBS* & Start/Stop

    Fitted as standard (vehicles produced after 01/09/2018)

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    Payload +

    Gain an extra 1t with our 8.55t model

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    3 Rear Seat Tilting Cab

    Reduces maintenance costs and will get you back on the road quicker

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    DUONIC fully automated or manual transmission

Your perfect business partner

  • Distribution
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Canter can deliver under pressure.

    Got a tricky drop-off to make? Not sure if you'll be able to squeeze through? With Canter, you can. Its shirt wheelbase, narrow cab and small turning circle means you can manoeuvre into the narrowest of spaces. The low cab and deep side windows provide excellent visability, making it perfect for urban use. Plus, loading/unloading is easier with a low load compartment sill and frame height. The Canter 7.5t's market-leading payload (up to 50.01t, or 6t with the 8.55t model) means you can carry more. And there are plenty of customisable extras, such as tail lifts or refridgerated bodies.

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  • Canter can carry more. 

    The Canter 7.5t has the best payload on the market for its vehicle class (up to 5.01t) - and if that's not enough for you, its big brother, the Canter 8.55t, offers an additional tonne. Strength doesn't mean that you miss out on manoeuvrability either: developed for congested, urban environments, both models are less than 2.2m wide and highly manoeuvrable, allowing access to zones restricted to the 10t limited. It's your perfect construction partner. 

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  • Canter can make your work easier.

    Looking for a comfortable ride, a roomy cab, manoeuvrabilityand the best payload on the market? With the Canter 7.5t you can have it all. And if you need even greater carrying capacity, the Canter 8.55t offers an additional tonne of payload. Plus Canter's low-bed platform makes it easier to transport equipment such as ride-on mowers. If you prefer a trailer, that's no problem either, with a towing capacity of up to 3.5t. 

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