Ideal for construction

Contruction Canter

The superhero at every construction site.

When things get tough on the building site, the Canter really gets going. Tireless and ever-reliable, its robust load-carrying frame will transport high loads to where they're needed. The exceptional flexibility offered by the Canter is clear from the numerous bodywork variants. But for all this display of muscle, the Canter is still as nimble as they come and offers an impressively high level of ride comfort. Combined, incidentally, with low fuel consumption, which can be reduced by up to 9% with the ECOFFICIENCY efficiency package. All this adds up to make the Canter a very busy but fuel-efficient partner on the building site.

The advantages of the Canter in the construction sector.

  • High chassic load-bearing capacity
  • Robust and torsionally rigid ladder frame with hole pattern offers a high level of flexbility and further body-mounting options
  • Axle loads of up to 6t ensure high axle weight reserves
  • Crewcab with space for up to 7 people
  • Body lengths up to 7.2m
  • High towing capacity of up to 3500kg
  • Very good traction thanks to twin tyres and optional rear-axle limited-slip differential or engageable all-wheel drive
  • Canter 4x4 with engageable - and thus fuel-efficient all-wheel drive and reduction gear - for slope-climbing ability of up to 60%
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