eEconic. In Charge For A New Era.

Towns are growing, placing ever increasing demands on mobility, logistics, the environment and quality of life. Our answer to this is a commercial vehicle which can meet these challenges, which is powerful and efficient whilst also being able to increase safety for all road users. It also delivers sustainable solutions to the growing emissions burden in urban areas. With its fully electric drive system, the eEconic represents the logical development of the trusted Econic and is the perfect vehicle choice for your municipal operations in the urban environment.

eEconic At A Glance


Advantages at a glance.

  • Short journeys: waste collection vehicles drive an average of 100 km a day in town, which the eEconic can usually cover on just one battery charge.
  • Clear route plans: having reliably scheduled depot visits makes it easy to provide the appropriate charging infrastructure.
    Overnight charging: working in shifts allows the battery to be gently charged overnight and you can benefit from cheaper off-peak tariffs.
  • Regular stop-start traffic: electric motors not only have very good pulling-away dynamics, but also recover energy when braking, which they can use to charge the battery in a process known as recuperation.

A complete electric ecosystem – for your eEconic

With the eEconic we offer far more than a new drive system: we will support you throughout the process of integrating your new vehicle into your fleet.

As powerful as it is quiet and agile.

An old pro gets even better: even as it pulls away, the eEconic is more powerful than its conventionally driven counterpart because high torque is available equally across the entire engine speed range. And the electric drive has another distinguishing feature: it is significantly quieter than the combustion engine. This benefits drivers and crews as well as residents and pedestrians. There is an upgrade for the driver, too: the Multimedia Cockpit. Its clear layout and user-friendly design enhance the working experience.

At the same time, the eEconic retains all the advantages of its predecessor: it handles exceptionally well and is highly manoeuvrable even under heavy loads. Above all, its wide, heated Thermocontrol windscreen offers the best possible view of the traffic conditions and can help increase safety. All of this is supported by a large number of assistance systems. The low entrance and level cab floor make the vehicle particularly ergonomic.


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