Fleets News puts the Mercedes-Benz Vito to the test

"After a six-month test in one van, I am usually itching to get into a new vehicle. But, in the case of our oh-so-stylish Vito, I was genuinley sorry to see it go. Six months and around 6,500 miles siply flew by, with never a hint of a problem. I haven't even had to put any extra ait in the tyres, or oil in the engine, although I did have to spend £9 on AdBlue when the diminuitive tank ran low.

One of the reasons I love this van so much is that slick auto gearbox - an item that is still fairly rare in the van world. It makes for such a relaxing driving style that I really don't want to have to go back to pressing clutch pedals and changing gear by hand. What a faff! Meanwhile, those sporty, figure-hugging seats have proved a godsend on my regular return trips to Devon. Not a single back twinge.

The Vito has also proved a star in the fuel economy stakes. The official fuel economy figure is 47.1 miles per gallon and during our test period our final figure added up to a pleasing 46.9mpg. As we all know, drivers are highligh unlikely to hit the official figure as it doesn't take into account any loads on board or wind resistance, so Mercedes-Benz can be congratulated for producing an engine that does what it says on the tin."

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Article by Trevor Gehlcken from Fleet News.

Monday 1st July 2019