Confidence Measure

Trail-blazing Mercedes-Benz Uptime telediagnosis system proves its power to prevent breakdowns. 

New figures have confirmed the continuing popularity with UK operators of Complete and BestBasic ServiceContracts from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. They reveal that the only European markets with higher levels of contract maintenance "penetration" are Sweden and Spain, but neither comes close to the 20,000 vehicles are currently the subject of planned service agreements in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

Sam Whittaker, Director of Customer Service and operations at Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK, declares: "We have a passion for maintenance and repair contracts. As the manufacturer, we bear all risk and our plans represent exceptional value for money for the customers, who benefit from maximised use and can budget with confidence. Our Dealers' technicians fit only GenuineParts which are factory approved and fully warranted, ensuring that the Mercedes-Benz vehicle to which they're fitted remains every inch a Mercedes-Benz". 

All roadgoing Euro VI which are the subject of Complete ServiceContracts are covered by the manufacturer's Zero Tolerance on Downtime pledge. In the unlikely event that a truck cannot be repaired within 24 hours, Mercedes-Benz will provide either a like-for-like replacement or an equivalent financial contribution to cover the rental of an alternative. 

The Mercedes-Benz Uptime telediagnosis system is also standard on all applicable vehicles maintained and repaired under a Complete ServiceContract. The effectiveness of this ground-breaking predictive technology is underlined by the fact that between its launch in March 2018 and the end of the year, Mercedes-Benz Uptime prevented 180 breakdowns. Additionally, no fewer than 2,160 extra tasks were flagged in advance and completed during regular services, thereby relieving operators of the hassle and expense of booking extra workshop visits. In further 4,540 cases, Mercedes-Benz advised customers of routine maintenance requirements which they could undertake. 

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Tuesday 28th May 2019