New sat-nav database to stop trucks getting stuck

New sat nav database to stop trucks getting stuck

Ordnance Survey is embarking on a multi-million pound sat-nav project designed to stop vehicles getting stuck under low-lying bridges, by creating a new database covering 200,000 miles of roadways in England and Wales.

The National Digital Road Map database will cover road widths, weight restrictions and limits on left or right turns at junctions as well.

“The definitive data, which also includes information on speed limits and planned road maintenance, delivers a product which will enable more efficient routing for all road users,” Robert Andrews of Ordnance Survey said. “It will result in high-quality data being supplied to satellite navigation companies.”

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said the project would launch before the end of this year and, quoted on the BBC news website, Road Haulage Association Chief Executive Richard Burnett said: “The new database will provide sat-nav manufacturers with the ability to make journeys for HGV drivers safer and more cost-efficient and that's a big issue for us. However, the new technology can only be considered a real success if each of the sat-nav providers signs up to the new system."

It could be available from as early as 16 November, but sat-nav manufacturers would need to pay to get access to the full data and updates.

The Department for Transport is helping to fund the system with £3 million from the taxpayer, then local councils will be responsible for maintenance.

Wednesday 16th November 2016