Car park security fears for one in three drivers

Car park security fears for one in three drivers

As the darker evenings set in, a new survey has revealed that more than one in three drivers have felt unsafe while in a car park.

The survey, carried out by, found that 38% of respondents claimed they had felt unsafe in a car park, with the figure increasing to 51% of female drivers. Of those polled, 23% said safety and security was the most important factor when choosing a place to park.
According to figures from the AA, around 20% of vehicle crime occurs in car parks, and has published a series of tips to help you stay safe.

  • Park somewhere that is well lit. Increased lighting levels in dark areas can reduce the fear of crime and opportunities to commit offences. If you’re in a car park, try to park under lights. If you’re parking on a private driveway, try to find one that is overlooked and on a well-lit street.
  • Opt for a space with traffic and surveillance. When parking in a car park, make sure it’s monitored by CCTV or security personnel. For peace of mind, look for a car park displaying the Safer Parking Scheme’s ‘Park Mark’ sign, which shows that the operator has been assessed to ensure that they’re properly managed and maintained. You can find a list of accredited car parks
  • Find a space in advance. Aim to park somewhere you’re familiar with. If you have to park in an area you don’t know, check out the options beforehand to save driving around in the dark.
  • Don’t leave anything on display. Lock all items out of sight, even an old coat may be enough to tempt an opportunist thief. Take all valuables with you, as well as any personal correspondence
  • Familiarise yourself. When parking in a car park, familiarise yourself with the layout and exits, pedestrian and vehicle routes and closing times.
  • Stay alert. Be aware of what is going on around you, and don’t get caught up with listening to music, checking emails or texting when walking to and from your vehicle.
  • Keep your keys to hand. Have your keys to hand so that you’re not stood searching for them by your vehicle when you return.
  • Never leave your keys in the ignition. You may be tempted do this to warm your vehicle up or de-ice it, but never leave your keys in the ignition – not even for a second.
  • Report concerns. If you have any safety concerns, or return to find that your vehicle has been broken into, go immediately to security for help and inform the car park management.

“Not all car parks are dark and sinister places, in fact far from it, but a few precautionary steps can significantly reduce the risk of parking-related crime and reduce the worry of being a victim in the first place,” said the company’s MD, Harrison Woods.

Wednesday 16th November 2016