GBA opts for tried and trusted Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

Proven reliability in a high-pressure application persuaded leading time-critical delivery specialist GBA Services to invest once again in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The Preston-based company runs a large fleet of Sprinters, supplied by Dealer Ciceley Commercials, the reigning Mercedes-Benz Van Retailer of the Year, 45 of which are new 316CDI Long models.

Established in 1987, GBA Services has continued to put its trust in the three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz. Its latest Sprinters wear a smart new vinyl wrap livery and replace a previous batch, which have been stood down. Managing Director David Birkbeck said: “When we started out we chose Mercedes-Benz vehicles because of their excellent reputation for robust reliability. They’ve proved to be every bit as tough and dependable as we’d hoped,taking high mileages in their stride.”

GBA Services’ new vehicles will frequently be assigned to urgent ‘line-stopper’ deliveries, which entail delivering consignments to factories as quickly as possible, soproduction lines do not grind to a halt. “When your customer has an entireassembly line waiting for your arrival, you can’t afford to send a vehicle that might break down on the way,” asserted Mr Birkbeck. “That’s why we put our trust in the Sprinter.”

Mercedes-Benz Vans are also renowned as the safest on the road and come with a market-leading array of active and passive features as standard. GBA Services has enhanced the specification of its latest vehicles still further by choosing the optional Driving Assistance Package. This includes a suite of cutting-edge systems including:

Collision Prevention Assist– which warns the driver if the vehicle is in danger of hitting an item in front and applies extra force if necessary during emergency stops;

>  Lane Keeping Assist– which sounds an audible alert if the driver strays out of the lane;

Blind Spot Assist– which shows a visible indicator in the driver’s side mirrors if another vehicle is alongside, and sounds an audible alert if the driver indicates while a vehicle is in the blind spot , and

>  High Beam Assist– a radar-based system which scans the road ahead and switches between high and dipped beam headlights automatically, depending on traffic conditions.

“Van operators may not be subject to the same level of legislation as those in the heavy truck sector but I see no reason why we shouldn’t observe equally high standards when it comes to safety,” continued Mr Birkbeck. “We’re highly conscious of our duty of care not only to our own employees but also to other road users, so provide our staff with the very best equipment.”

Also standard with all Mercedes-Benz Vans, and welcomed by GBA Services, is the manufacturer’s MobiloVan emergency breakdown scheme, which provides comprehensive back-up cover throughout Europe.

“Our drivers cover most of the Continent and although our Sprinters have never let us down, the fact that Mercedes-Benz breakdown cover is never more than a single phone call away gives us complete peace of mind,” added Mr Birkbeck. “We’ve also built up a great relationship with the team at Ciceley Commercials, who undertake all our scheduled maintenance – we now consider them to be partners in our success.”

GBA Services has grown relentlessly since it opened for business from a single office in Preston. It is now one of the country’s leading time-critical delivery specialists, with a network of nine sites nationwide and vehicles running to and from Europe every day. These vehicles are fitted with sophisticated tracking, security and immobilisation devices which electronically seal and lock, and allow customers to track individual vehicles and consignments. Much of its work – just-in-time consignments and bulk deliveries – is undertaken for the automotive and aerospace sector: a typical run might entail delivering palletised auto parts to a car assembly plant, or a ‘panic’ item being rushed to a factory in the event of an unplanned production line stoppage. GBA Services also offers specialised transport of sensitive and high-value loads, whether by road or by air freight.

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Wednesday 1st July 2015